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REVIEW: Corner Grill – High Point

On the outskirts of High Point, there is an old school burger joint called the Corner Grill that serves some of the city’s best burgers. It is open six days a week for breakfast and lunch but I haven’t made it during the morning yet although I have heard great things about it.

The building used to be a gas station and country store from back in the day and the set up hasn’t changed much since then. The interior of the restaurant is quaint with about 12 tables scattered throughout the restaurant, a small TV in the corner, a bunch of collegiate pennants and a couple of framed pictures from High Point’s history.

REVIEW: Bordeaux Drug Co. – Fayetteville

A few weeks ago, I made a trip down to Fayetteville to attend the wedding of two of my great college friends, Rebecca & Tyler. It was a beautiful Friday night wedding and there was an incredible reception afterward with a little more drinking than dancing on my part.

I woke up craving a good ol’ greasy spoon to help comfort me after celebrating a little too much the night before. I pulled up the Urbanspoon app on my phone only to be disappointed by the amount of the chain restaurants that Urbanspoon displayed. I went to their website and finally found Urbanspoon’s Top 100 List for Fayetteville. This was a little more settling because only two (BW3’s & Carrabba’s) of the Top 10 restaurants were national chains and the great Mexican restaurant (Mi Casita) that I had tried earlier that year was ranked #10.

I had a little bit of trouble picking out a restaurant off of the Urbanspoon list because I really wanted some good food and didn’t want to go out on a limb for my only meal in Fayetteville. I decided to call up a great college friend and the brother to the bride, T-Wood, who I knew wouldn’t steer me wrong. He was headed up to a different restaurant to watch the NCSU/Georgia Tech game with some friends but he told me to hit up Bordeaux Drug Co. if I wanted an awesome cheeseburger and fries. He said that he had to go there every time that he came back to Fayetteville to get his fix so I jumped in the car with my friend, Pendergraft, and headed up there.

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