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REVIEW: Emerywood Fine Foods – High Point

I have been wanting to write a piece on Emerywood Fine Foods for a long time. I eat there about once every two months when I go home and visit my family in High Point. EFF, as it is known around my house, never disappoints and my dad has pretty much become a regular there which makes me feel like a celebrity every time I walk in. The reason I have written anything is that my pictures had turned out sub-par every time that I’ve tried

They have a great beer and wine selection. I tend to go more towards the beer and they have six taps that have been rotating delicious craft brews. I was impressed to see them have the 21st Amendment’s Hell or High Watermelon wheat beer on tap as well as some local North Carolina taps included Foothills and Highland. Hell or High Watermelon is a summer beer so it was surprising to see it on tap in November but it was a warm day and I really enjoyed it.

I’ve ordered a little bit of everything on the menu since I’ve been eating there for the past few years. The salads are delicious with the North Carolina fried oyster salad ($15) being my favorite. Huge chunks of blue cheese, massive bacon crumbles and piping hot oysters cover a bed of greens with Roma tomatoes and red onions. The pizzas are also top notch. Try the beef tenderloin pizza. I dig it.

My dad and I joined Wil Elder, the president and CEO of the North Carolina Shakespeare Festival and the Triad Stage of Winston-Salem, for dinner. Wil ordered the chicken scallopini which came with three large pieces of Ashley Farms chicken out of Winston-Salem. The portions at Emerywood Fine Foods are massive as you can tell with three pieces of chicken on a single plate. I had a bite and it was fantastic. The panko crust was on point.

My dad ordered a crab cake salad. As you can tell, it came out more like a crab cake entree with a side salad on the far left of the picture but I don’t know anyone in their right mind that would complain about this outcome! The crab cakes are massive with an impressive amount of lump crab in them. They are not the style that we are used to in North Carolina but they have a lot of flavor and the crunch of the panko bread crumbs adds a lot to the salad according to my dad. He was generous enough to split one of his crab cakes with me.

I ordered the Seafood Pasta which came with lump crab, scallops, shrimp and calamari over pasta. The sauce was very rich and hearty and the pasta had a great thickness plus it was limp and overcooked like what is served at many other restaurants. The spinach was a nice addition to the meal giving it added flavor and texture as well as a visually appealing color which helped the presentation. It was a great dish that I would order again.

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REVIEW: Capra’s Deli – High Point

Deli sandwiches have been playing a huge role in my on-the-go eating lifestyle lately as I try to keep up with my hectic schedule which hasn’t really revolved around food like everything in life should. Mostly, it has been the cheap & quick (Jersey Mike’s, Jimmy John’s, Harris Teeter, & NOT Subway because that place is a joke). I must have gotten used to the generic sandwiches that I could crush in the car when I didn’t have time to stop in anywhere for a 30 minute lunch.

My mom was the first person to take me to Capra’s Deli back when I was growing up. Back then, I probably was screaming at her to take me to Subway because I wanted a meatball sub or something stupid that little kids say. She probably told me that I could get a meatball sub at Capra’s and I didn’t care because there wasn’t a comic book store located next to Capra’s. I was an idiot. Luckily, she didn’t succumb to my whining and we went to Capra’s and I tried their meatball parmigiana sub. It was in a completely different league than Subway’s version.

Capra’s Deli has a small market in the restaurant with a bunch of high end spreads, a deli case and a take and bake case. They also offer a variety of pastas that you can eat in-store. There is a gelato case with a few rotating flavors and a dessert case with items like cheesecake, baklava, cannoli and tiramisu. I have yet to try any of the sweets at Capra’s but I imagine they are delicious.

The ‘Italian II’ (Salami, Mortadella, Proscuittini, Provolone, lettuce, tomato, onions and o/v) has been my go-to order at Capra’s for the two years that I did a lot of business right down the street from there. The sandwich comes with thick cuts of Boar’s Head meat & cheeses which they have been serving long before Boar’s Head was easily accessible at your grocery store’s deli. They toss on a combination of crisp onions, shredded lettuce and tomato slices on top of the meat. The bread is probably the showoff part of the sandwich. The crispy, flaky Italian bread

There are two things that really stand out about Capra’s Deli for me. First, I enjoy the attention to detail that they give each order. My sandwich has never been tossed together sloppily or hurriedly like it does at the chain places. Second, the high quality of the ingredients is something that puts them leagues above the rest. The complimentary chips that come with the sandwiches are lacking a little bit but you can always upgrade to one of the deli salads for $0.95. I will be going back sometime soon and will be ordering either a steak & cheese or the Luigi Special…or I just may stick with my ol’ faithful, the Italian II. It’s so damn good.

Capra’s is located between High Point and Greensboro on Highway 68. It is only about 2 or 3 miles off of I-40 (exit 210) and would be a great place to stop in from a road trip. I would recommend that you eat it at the restaurant because a Capra’s Deli sandwich is not the easiest thing to consume on the road due to size and the flakiness of the bread. The sandwich prices are right in line with Jersey Mike’s and this is not the kind of place serving Five Dollar Footlong quality. You definitely get your money’s worth at Capra’s and I am sure that you won’t be disappointed.

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UPDATE: Grateful Bread Baking Co. – High Point

UPDATE: 7/26/11 – I have some sad news for North Carolina foodies. The Grateful Bread Baking Company in High Point closed its doors on July 7th, 2011 for what seems like the last time. Its assets were seized by the North Carolina Department of Revenue for failure to pay sales and withholding taxes for over $40,000. It was a sad day for me because Grateful Bread has been one of my family’s favorite places to meet for lunch for the past couple of years. Their food was great and everyone who worked there was great. I hate to see such a great restaurant fail.


When you step through the door of the Grateful Bread Baking Co. in High Point, you would expect to walk into a place that is plastered with tour posters from the Jerry Garcia-era. However, there isn’t anything even remotely related to the band with the exception of the chill vibe that the restaurant gives off and the idea of . There are paintings and photographs from local artists on the wall in the dining room and the entrance is very homey with vines & potted plants on the exterior. It has a very natural feel to it that makes it a relaxing place to have lunch and hang out with friends.

Known by locals as “The Bread”, it is definitely one of the hot spots for local business lunches as well as just meeting friends for a quick lunch. There are about 12-15 tables varied in size in the main dining room as well as some outdoor two-tops for when the weather is good. The parking lot can get chaotic at times especially when the restaurant is busy. You should try to get there early in the day because they only serve a limited amount of food each day and periodically run out of their daily specials or deli salads.

REVIEW: Becky’s & Mary’s – High Point

My buddy, Russ, is always telling me about new places in and around High Point that I need to try and write about on Eat It, North Carolina. I am forever grateful for his introduction to these all of these places because, even growing up in High Point, I had never heard about a few of them before. A couple of weeks ago, I drove over to High Point to meet him for lunch at a place called Becky’s and Mary’s on East Washington Drive near downtown High Point.

Becky’s and Mary’s is off the beaten path in an area of town that has seen better days. You could pass by Becky’s and Mary’s without ever realizing it because there is basically no visible signage except for an illuminated OPEN sign and two small paper signs taped to the windows. There is a dirt parking lot next to the restaurant that has potholes and collects water after it rains but there are always cars in it as long as the restaurant is open.

I didn’t get a chance to talk to anyone at the restaurant about the history of the place but I found a great article in Our State Magazine that goes into great detail about Becky’s and Mary’s with more of a focus on the culture than the the food.

The staff at Becky’s and Mary’s is some of the most friendly that you will come across in the restaurant industry. “Service with a smile” is something that it is widely used across the industry and many times a facade but Becky’s and Mary’s is the real deal. They are legitimately happy to see each and every person walk into the restaurant and sit down to enjoy the food that they put their heart and soul into. Whether it be a regular that they see everyday or a new face that has never been in there, they welcome you with open arms and kind spirits.

Meat and two vegetables is what the Southern cooking at Becky’s and Mary’s is all about. Each day, they have new specials which they write on the board in front of the cash register. They had the staples like country-style steak, fried chicken and pork chops plus sides like yams, potato salad, rice & gravy and mac & cheese. Russ told me that they had the best pork chops that he has ever had in his life so I figured I would give them a try.

He was absolutely right. The pork chops, two generous pieces, were buttermilk fried to a delicious crisp and extremely tender on the inside. I thought the breading was great but I still added a little Texas Pete to add a little kick to them. The potato salad was one of the best that I have ever had (recipe below via Our State Magazine) using a blend of potatoes, eggs and vegetables to give it a great consistency. The rice & gravy were out of this world, too. The meal came with a piece of cornbread which wasn’t very memorable but still delicious.

Here is a recipe for Becky’s and Mary’s Potato Salad from Our State Magazine’s website, one of our favorite resources for finding out about great things happening across the state of North Carolina:

Becky’s and Mary’s Family Reunion Potato Salad

Makes enough for about 25 people.

    • 20 pounds of potatoes
    • 30 eggs
    • 2 green peppers chopped
    • 2 onions grated
    • 3 cups of sweet relish
    • 4 cups of mayonnaise
    • 4 ounces of pimentos
    • Salt and sugar to taste

Place potatoes in a large pot, cover with water and boil until tender or done. It’ll take about 45 minutes. Then, peel and place in a large bowl and use a potato masher to mash. Place the eggs in a large pot, cover with water and boil for about 10-15 minutes. Peel and dice. In a large container, combine the potatoes, eggs, green peppers, onions, sweet relish, mayonnaise, pimentos, salt and sugar. Gently mix together and place in refrigerator to chill. Serve in about two hours. You’ll be able to feed about 25 people.

If you are in High Point, make it a point to stop down by Becky’s and Mary’s for a meal. You should definitely give the fried pork chops a try but all of their food looked delicious so I don’t think you can go wrong ordering anything on their menu. Don’t forget to get a glass of their sweet tea either because it is how good Southern sweet tea should taste.

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REVIEW: Tucker’s Grill – Horneytown

Tucker’s Grill is your token hole-in-the-wall grill in a small town. It serves an early breakfast where all of the regulars stop in and grab a bite before they head to work. They start serving burgers, dogs and fried bologna sandwiches around 11 a.m. and close at 2:30 p.m. Like most hole-in-the-walls, it is closed on Sundays.

Tucker’s Grill is located in Horneytown…cue laughter…, a small town located just outside of High Point. Seriously…I’m not joking. It is actually called Horneytown. I grew up five miles away from there and my parents still live right around the corner. Tucker’s Grill is located about 600 feet away from the Horneytown Fire Department which serves parts of Forsyth County, Guilford County and Davidson County. The government stopped putting up road signs on Horneytown Road because they would get stolen about as quick as they were getting put up.

The menu at Tucker’s is pretty simple and maybe a little too simple. For breakfast, you have a selection of biscuits with options like bacon, sausage, egg, tenderloin and country ham which all under $3.00. The only sides they have for breakfast  are grits and hash browns. For lunch, the menu gets a little bigger with burgers, hot dogs, grilled cheeses, fried bologna sandwiches, corn dogs and chicken sandwiches with fries, tater tots and onion rings on the side. Apparently, they have salads there but I have never seen anyone order them.

The burgers are cooked to order and hand-pattied right in front of you. I think the Carolina-style burger is a little overplayed in the state. Don’t get me wrong…I love a burger with covered in chili, slaw, mustard and onions but I always feel fazed afterward and all that I want to do is take a nap. I think a lot of people forget that some of the small, local places have the freshest lettuce and tomato slices from local farmers which give the burger a flavor profile that is juicy & refreshing and won’t put you in a food coma (a state after eating food where you are completely incapacitated and unable to function). I don’t think that a burger should destroy you every time that you eat it. It

Sorry about the picture. My camera has been having some issues recently and decided to focus on the delicious crinkle-cut fries in the background instead of the burger. The fries aren’t anything special but they are just those classic style that you find at most burger joints.

I was a little disappointed in the hot dog this time. It tasted similar to a gas station dog that I would make myself and the bun wasn’t really soft even after it had been steamed for a few seconds. It must have been an off day for Tucker’s because their dogs are normally pretty damn good. The chili isn’t out of this world. Its similar to the Texas Pete-style that you can get at the grocery store. The actual dog that I had seemed like it had been chilling on the grill a little too long. I guess it was my fault because I went in about 15 minutes before they closed which typically means that you won’t be getting the cream of the crop.

Tucker’s Grill isn’t worth a 30 minute drive but if you are in the area, it is a pretty neat little place with a quick, tasty lunch. Give it a try and let us know what you think.



REVIEW: Corner Grill – High Point

On the outskirts of High Point, there is an old school burger joint called the Corner Grill that serves some of the city’s best burgers. It is open six days a week for breakfast and lunch but I haven’t made it during the morning yet although I have heard great things about it.

The building used to be a gas station and country store from back in the day and the set up hasn’t changed much since then. The interior of the restaurant is quaint with about 12 tables scattered throughout the restaurant, a small TV in the corner, a bunch of collegiate pennants and a couple of framed pictures from High Point’s history.

REVIEW: String & Splinter – High Point

The String & Splinter is the city club in High Point, located right in the heart of of the furniture capital of the world. The club’s name derives from the two industries, textiles and furniture, that were such an integral part of the development of High Point. The String & Splinter focuses on fine dining with extraordinary service with a touch of Southern hospitality.

City clubs have long been a part of the upper-middle class culture dating back to 18th century London and the coffeehouses of that time. The idea of the city club (formerly known as a gentlemen’s club until strip clubs took over that moniker) came across the Atlantic with the American settlers looking for a new place to call home. In recent years, city clubs and country clubs have had trouble bringing in the younger generation but the String & Splinter is appealing to the foodies in today’s business world and should no doubt attract new members.

Growing up in High Point, the String & Splinter was the place that my family took us on special occasions like Easter lunch and birthdays to get everyone together for a nice meal. As a kid, I knew the food was good but I don’t think I knew how good it actually was. Looking back on it, I regret those times that I went through the kid’s buffet line snagging chicken finger and french fries when I could have been eating the really good stuff.

Ham’s – The Houdini of Restaurants in North Carolina

Ham’s has been a part of my life for about as long as I can remember (minus the 4 years that I lived in Chattanooga, TN in the late 90s and early 2000’s). After baseball practices for Little League, our entire team would head up to the Ham’s on Skeet Club Road in High Point to have team meetings and devour basket after basket of their homemade chips with ranch. My parents would take me and my brother up to Ham’s another High Point location and I would sit entranced as the model train went back and forth along the tracks in the restaurant. #easilyamused

In college, there was a Ham’s Brewhouse, God rest its soul, in downtown Greenville, NC where they served some of the better microbrews that were around before the recent microbrew boom occured…especially for an 18-year-old kid whose license made him three years older. For the past few years, I have lived just a mile or two down the road from the original Ham’s where it had stood for 75 years, until recently, on Smyres Place off of Friendly Avenue in Greensboro and drive by it (but seldom eat there because it isn’t the cleanest place) daily to and from work. Needless to say, Ham’s and I go way back.

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