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REVIEW: Zorba’s Gyro On A Spit – Hope Mills

Zorba's in Hope Mills

Unassuming strip mall location

I live and work in Fayetteville, but go to Hope Mills for haircuts. Don’t judge, once you find someone you like, you stick with them!

On my latest trip, I happened to stop at lunch for one of the offshoot “Zorba’s” that spawned in the ever-growing area of Hope Mills . I’ve been to the original on Raeford Rd. in Fayetteville many times.

I was glad to have the opportunity to give this location a try. Pulling up is hard because the location is borderline hidden because the shopping center is small and non-descript.

The original location is something of an institution and from what I have heard, their two new locations are upholding the tradition so I went in with high hopes.

There was a good size lunch crowd. It was noisy enough that I even thought to try to record the din because it reminded me so much of a traditional diner with all the sounds of people conversing, meals being prepared, etc. The audio did not come out, but believe me it was great.

REVIEW: Bordeaux Drug Co. – Fayetteville

A few weeks ago, I made a trip down to Fayetteville to attend the wedding of two of my great college friends, Rebecca & Tyler. It was a beautiful Friday night wedding and there was an incredible reception afterward with a little more drinking than dancing on my part.

I woke up craving a good ol’ greasy spoon to help comfort me after celebrating a little too much the night before. I pulled up the Urbanspoon app on my phone only to be disappointed by the amount of the chain restaurants that Urbanspoon displayed. I went to their website and finally found Urbanspoon’s Top 100 List for Fayetteville. This was a little more settling because only two (BW3’s & Carrabba’s) of the Top 10 restaurants were national chains and the great Mexican restaurant (Mi Casita) that I had tried earlier that year was ranked #10.

I had a little bit of trouble picking out a restaurant off of the Urbanspoon list because I really wanted some good food and didn’t want to go out on a limb for my only meal in Fayetteville. I decided to call up a great college friend and the brother to the bride, T-Wood, who I knew wouldn’t steer me wrong. He was headed up to a different restaurant to watch the NCSU/Georgia Tech game with some friends but he told me to hit up Bordeaux Drug Co. if I wanted an awesome cheeseburger and fries. He said that he had to go there every time that he came back to Fayetteville to get his fix so I jumped in the car with my friend, Pendergraft, and headed up there.

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