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REVIEW: Gary’s Down East Seafood Restaurant & Oyster Bar – Arapahoe

Eating local is all the rage these days. Many restaurants have forced their menu to be created with ingredients located within a certain mile radius of the restaurant. It is awesome because it helps strengthen the local economy and opens up people’s eyes to all of the great food that is produced or grown around them. Gary’s Down East Seafood & Oyster Bar definitely has local on its mind but it isn’t worried about getting everything on its menu local  as long as it gets the most important: seafood.

The building is split up into three different sections. The first is the restaurant which feels like you are in the cabin of an old-school ship. It has mounted billfish, fisherman’s netting and other knick knacks covering  the walls to give it a great atmosphere. The second is a take-out window for locals to pick up food which I guess tend to be more along the lines of burgers and sandwiches as opposed to seafood because take-out seafood just isn’t as good when you get it to-go. The third section is the oyster bar which has a horseshoe shaped bar and a few tall bar tables on the side.

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