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REVIEW: Boombalatti’s Ice Cream – Wilmington

It’s December and I’m writing about ice cream that I ate while I was at the beach. Weird.

Boombalatti’s is the place in Wilmington where everyone seems to get their ice cream fix. When I first walked in, I really thought that it was a chain store. It was very well branded throughout the store and the format of the space really seemed like it could have been a chain but the owner said this was the only location. I could see this becoming a chain especially if they are able to keep up the quality of ice cream production that they are known for. It is located on Military Cutoff Road in The Forum shopping center which is very close to both Wilmington and Wrightsville Beach.

I ordered a double scoop of the English toffee flavor. I am a sucker for Heath bars and Skor bars and about any kind of toffee but the ice cream is what makes this so special. The ice cream is made on-site in small batches using quality ingredients. It is rich and smooth the way that ice cream should be. It seems that most ice creams these days are all into cutting out the calories but doing so causes the ice cream to taste awful.

Tyler and Blake both ordered a sampler which came on homemade waffle bowls and had four single scoops of different flavors. This might be the way to go if you can’t pick just one kind of ice cream. I think this cost about $5 or $6 although I had stepped out to the car to grab my camera to snap some shots to post on here so I am not really sure.

I can only imagine how this place kills it during the summer beach months when snowbirds descend on Wilmington and Wrightsville Beach to catch some rays and build sandcastles. It isn’t a place that you can walk to from the beach but it is a not-so-far excursion in the car that you will probably turn into a regular thing after your first trip there.

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REVIEW: Gnam Gnam Gelato – Greensboro

When I purchased a $10 Groupon to Gnam Gnam Gelato in Greensboro, I thought that I was going to use it on $10 worth of gelato. I had never really branched out into the frozen world of gelato before, partly, because the little spoons that you eat it with make me feel like a giant but I figured it was as good of a time as ever since I’m not planning on jumping on this ridiculous fro-yo bandwagon anytime soon.

I did a little bit of research online to figure out what types of gelato people enjoyed up there and how much gelato I could get for $10. I found out that Gnam Gnam serves more than just gelato including some breakfast items, sandwiches and salads at lunch and a variety of coffee items. I also found out after eating there that they have started serving Donut World donuts which is a huge plus if you are on the way to work and looking for a quick cup of good coffee & donut.

Gnam Gnam Gelato has a cozy atmosphere with a few booths and tables. The colors are very inviting and it is a relaxing place to sit around and have a light lunch or frozen snack. I went in around 2 p.m. to avoid any kind of lunch rush and there were still a few families in there trying to escape the heat wave that hit North Carolina  a few weeks ago with some gelato.


I ordered the Gobbler Panini which is turkey, fresh avocado, lettuce, tomato and onion with chipotle mayo ($7.50). I wasn’t too excited when my order came out because, at first glance, it didn’t seem like this was a sandwich that was going to fill me up especially since I was eating so late in the day. However, this panini turned out to be both extremely tasty and surprisingly filling. The quality of the sandwich ingredients were top notch although I would hope for more options on the potato chips or maybe some sides like pasta salad or fresh fruit for a healthier alternative to the somewhat greasy bag of chips.

I ordered it as a combo which meant that I got my choice of any panini on the menu with a bag of chips plus two scoops of gelato for $8.75. They have several different combo options that you come can choose from giving you the option to get a little bit of everything on the menu with two options offering gelato included with your meal.

They offer a variety of interesting flavors including Almond Joy, Amarena Cherry, Tiramisu and Pistachio just to name a few. Gnam Gnam also has several seasonal flavors that you can order as well  as a few different flavors of sorbetto. They posted the other day about an avocado and cilantro gelato which sounds interesting.  They also have some special gelato dishes like spaghetti gelato or Pinocchio gelato where the gelato is served in a creative fun way that children will definitely enjoy!

I ordered a combination of the caramel latte and some kind of crazy chocolate/banana flavor after getting the advice of the server. It only took me two bites of the gelato for me to know that I had become a fan of both gelato and Gnam Gnam Gelato in particular. It was so smooth and refreshing and the perfect accompaniment to the book that I was reading during a relaxing lunch break.

You should stop in to Gnam Gnam Gelato soon and grab some gelato before we start getting cold weather because it is a great and inexpensive way to beat the heat. I am glad that I did because I am now on the gelato bandwagon. Gnam Gnam Gelato also has a cart that travels around Greensboro to weddings, parks and local businesses. Follow them on Facebook or Twitter to keep up with where the cart will be!

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REVIEW: Brown-Gardiner Drugstore – Greensboro

Brown-Gardiner is one of those places that hasn’t changed much since it first opened in Greensboro. It is one of the few remaining family-owned pharmacies with a lunch counter that I have come across during my food adventures.  For me, Brown-Gardiner is a place that I just can fathom how I haven’t been there before. A few years ago, I drove by it hundreds and hundreds of times going back and forth from my apartment and my office without ever realizing that it was a restaurant.

It wasn’t until a few months ago that I finally found out about Brown-Gardiner and decided to head up there for lunch one day. I went up there with my friend, Elliot, and one of his buddies for a quick bite to eat. Elliot’s girlfriend, Ashley, grew up in Greensboro and told me that it was a place I need to review for Eat It, North Carolina. I am glad she told me about it because I don’t think I would have ever made it there if she didn’t say anything about it.

Brown-Gardiner is a gathering place for many different people in Greensboro ranging from local high school students to some of the most influential politicians in Greensboro. It is more than just a place where people eat lunch. People go to Brown-Gardiner to be a part of the Greensboro community and to spend time with each other. It is a very family-oriented place that is the local hot spot for grabbing a quick bite to eat with friends.

Elliot went with a cheeseburger combo with lettuce & tomato which came with a size of large crispy crinkle-cut fries. The lettuce and tomato were both fresh and looked great. The burger itself is pretty small and similar in size to a value cheeseburger from McDonald’s or Wendy’s.  They cook the patties on a flat top grill that has been there for ages. Elliot saw one of the burgers come out and decided to get an additional hot dog. He said the additional hot dog was a good idea because he didn’t think the burger combo would have filled him up. He said the hot dog was pretty good albeit a little sloppy.


I asked the waitress what I should order and she said, without hesitation, that I needed to try the Nanny Special. This is the signature sandwich which is named after Imogene “Nanny” Sells, who ran the soda fountain for 23 years until she recently passed away in 2008. The sandwich actually sounds a little sketchy on the menu and I was a little hesitant about ordering it. The description for the sandwich is “Steak’um, grilled onions, Swiss cheese, special sauce on a hoagie.”

It doesn’t sound very appealing and didn’t actually look that good when it came to the table either. Frankly, I was a little disappointed at both myself and the waitress who suggested it. I guess I shouldn’t judge a book by its cover because although this sandwich looked sketchy, it had an awesome taste  to it.  Nanny Special would have just been an ordinary steak sandwich if it wasn’t for the special sauce which was like a hybrid barbecue sauce/ketchup that was interesting for the first bit or two and then just turned extremely delicious for the rest of the sandwich. I wish they would get away from Steak’um and use some real meat for the sandwich but, for what its worth, it was still pretty good.

I would consider Brown-Gardiner Drug Store more of a food experience at a historically relevant place in Greensboro as opposed to a must-go place because of the food. They have delicious hand-squeezed orangeade served over pebble ice which is a must if you go. Brown-Gardiner is one of those places that you should go to take in the community & fun and enjoy a fairly inexpensive, lunch counter. It won’t be the best lunch that you’ve ever eaten but I have the feeling you will have a good experience up there!

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Urban Burrito and The Hop Ice Cream: A Giant Jerk (Burrito) Should Always Be Followed By Two Scoops

The following is an excerpt from the Asheville Food and Entertainment Blog

A Post By Blondesided

Photo Credit: The Hop Ice Cream Cafe

There are some nights a girl just wants to snuggle up with some take out and some ice cream.  Tonight was one of those nights. As the Twitterphile  that I have become lately (thank you Gary with G Social Media for my new addiction), I had been reading tweets all day about the Hop’s new ice cream – Cranberry Gorgonzola. It sounded like one of those flavors just crazy enough to work.

And speaking of work, I had been in the office for about 11 hours with only a tiny frozen dinner to fill me up and so my tummy was really growling for some attention. So… I headed down Merrimon Avenue in search of the obligatory dinner that I could follow with the ice cream of which I had spent the day dreaming.

A girlfriend of mine had recently started working at Urban Burrito directly above The Hop, so that seemed a logical choice for food. I could say hi to a friend, grab a burrito for the road and quench my burning ice cream desire all in one stop of the car – perfect!

I ran into The Hop first. The guy with the scoop was patient with me as always as I tried several of their new flavors. You see, Jeb thinks he is a wizard at mixing beers…well ice cream is my thing! I believe my most impressive Hop mix to date was a scoop of Lusty Monk mustard ice cream and a scoop of pumpkin. It was delish if  I do say so myself. After trying several, I decided that the perfect mix for the Cranberry Gorgonzola was going to be Salted Caramel.

I ran upstairs to the Urban Burrito and ordered a Jerk Chicken burrito at my friends suggestions. All of the staff was friendly. From Brian who helped me choose a spinach wrap to Mark who cashed me out. I was in and out quickly and ready to head home to a quiet night in.

I walked in the house, popped open a Highland Oatmeal Porter, kicked my shoes off  and sat down to my giant burrito. The chicken was seasoned perfectly and the pineapple salsa was definitely my favorite part. I even had some leftover for my housemate.

And then….ahhhh…the ice cream.  At last. The salted caramel had ended up on the bottom and the Gorgonzola on the top. After that first bite, I am quite sure I heard a chorus of angels begin to sing and bright rays of light shown through my window and landed right in my cup. Yes. It was an almost religious experience. It tasted almost like cheesecake but with a bit more tang. And the salted caramel  was similar to a graham cracker crust. Simply divine.

So if you have an adventurous palate for ice cream, I highly recommend that you get into The Hop before they run out of this batch. And if you prefer the more traditional, well I am pretty sure they don’t even know how to make ice cream that doesn’t completely rock.

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