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REVIEW: Donut World – Greensboro

In the land of Krispy Kreme, opening a donut shop would be considered foolish to many. However, Lean Ly and her family moved here from California with the drive to open up Greensboro’s best donut shop and a surefire recipe for the best donuts that you have had. Ly and her family opened up the first Donut World location sometime back in January or February of 2010 on West Market Street. They opened a second location a few months ago on Battleground Avenue.

The interior of Donut World isn’t anything fancy. They have a large donut display case, a few tables, a coffee station and a drink cooler. The donuts are made in the back and fresh ones are constantly being brought up front. Donut World is very minimal which another reason why I love this place. They rely on the quality of the product that they are selling instead of the frills that come with it and this is why I think Donut World works in the land of Krispy Kreme.

Donut World offers a huge selection of donuts: French crullers, bear claws, maple bars, old fashions, glazed, buttermilks, blueberry, jelly donuts, cinnamon rolls, donut holes, sugar raised, twists and apple fritters. When I used to buy them for the office, I would always have trouble trying to figure out which types I wanted to get in my dozen. I think I have tried at least one of every donut from Donut World and haven’t had a bad one yet. Their donuts all have some body so they are great to eat alongside a hot cup of coffee.

I know that some people will always stay true to the wispy, sugar-coated doughnuts from Kripy Kreme. It is turn down the “Hot Doughnuts Now” sign when it is lit up outside the store. Those things just melt in your mouth. I grew up on them and still love them. I don’t eat donuts very much but, when I do, I have been by-passing Krispy Kreme for Donut World and I am happy with my decision each time that I do it.

If I were to pick a favorite item that I get from Donut World, it would have to be their apple fritter. These things are pure goodness although they might actually take a year off of your life a la Paula Deen with the amount of butter and sugar that each one has. They also have fresh apples so you can sell that fact to your guilty conscience while you take it down. The picture above doesn’t do it justice so make sure you get one if you go to Donut World. It will be the best $1.45 that you have ever spent.

Donut World’s coffee station looks a little weak at first glance but they actually have good coffee there. It isn’t fancy like a Starbucks or Port City Java type of coffee. Don’t try to order your non-fat soy milk latte because they just have regular coffee that is brewed right each time. However, their coffee cups aren’t the greatest (styrofoam with the old school foldback tab) which doesn’t really make it very friendly on the drive into work in the morning.

Get outside of the Krispy Kreme box and give Donut World a try. I promise that you won’t be disappointed and I have the feeling that you will become a fan. The original Donut World location is in the same shopping center as the DMV on West Market Street so you might be able to kill two birds with one stone if you need to renew your driver’s license.

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