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LINK:’s Pie Fries

I love cooking. It is something that both relaxes me and provides almost instant gratification and occasionally disappointment. However, I don’t bake much. My last attempt at a cheesecake for a co-worker’s birthday seemed like an epic failure when I looked in the oven and the cheesecake had risen so much that it was almost touching the ceiling of the oven. It actually turned out decent after I let it cool for a while but I was still a little hesitant about serving it at the office birthday party. Everyone said that it tasted good but that could have been from the 50 Heath bars that I crushed and covered the top of the cheesecake with.

Either way, I thought I would share this little dessert that I just found on’s CakeSpy blog. If you have leftover pie crust, you can make these little guys that look like ridiculously good and they look like I might actually be able to bake them without screwing it  up. All you gotta do is just the excess pie crust into steak fry-sized strips and then brush them with butter and sprinkle sugar and cinnamon. After you place it on a sheet and bake it, you can create a dipping sauce using the ingredients from your favorite pie or cobbler. It could be good with an icing if you are trying to get super fat.’s Pie Fries Recipe

Let us know if you try out this recipe and how it tasted.

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