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Review – Maple View Farm Country Store in Orange County

rocking chairs at Maple View Farm

Relax in a rocking chair and eat your ice cream while viewing the farm across the street.

The dog days of summer are upon us and there is no better time to take a little trip out in the country to visit the original location of Maple View Farm. Half the fun of going to the country store is the drive. You will go past many rolling hills and see lots of farmland on your way to the store. As soon as you leave the city, you can feel yourself begin to relax.

I am a huge fan of Maple View Farm. I drink their milk all the time. Call me crazy, but I swear their milk tastes fresher and sweeter than most store bought milk. I love the fact that the milk is still bottled and I like taking the used bottles back to the store to get a little refund which I used to by my next gallon of milk. It reminds me of the days when the milk man used to come to our house and deliver bottles of milk. (That gives you an idea of how old I am, I guess!)

I have a very special place in my heart for dairy farmers because my grandfather and my uncle were dairy farmers. They raised Jersey cows and later Holsteins. Bob Nutter, also known as “Farmer Bob” and his business partner, Mike Strowd, raise Holsteins. Holsteins are better for milk and ice cream because the fat content is not as high as Jersey’s which are better for cream and cheese.  Holsteins are the black and white spotted cows.

enjoying the view at Maple View Farm

Come relax and eat your ice cream while looking at the farm

Another thing I love about the folks at Maple View Farm is that they treat their cows very well. You can see them grazing in the fields across the street from the country store. After you order your ice cream, you can sit on one of the many rocking chairs on the front porch, or sit on a picnic table on the hill, and relax, soaking in the pastoral scene. You are literally looking at the cows who produced the milk and ice cream you are eating.  Many people like to come out at sunset, because you can see the sun setting over the farm.

Maple View Farm uses no hormones or antibiotics, so the milk and the ice cream is safe to eat.  The farmers also grow their own corn and barley, which they use to feed to the cows which helps to increase the level of protein in the milk.

Maple View Farm

The view of the farm from the front porch of the country store

In 1995, the Nutter family made its first conservation easement on the farm north of Dairyland Road to the Triangle Land Conservancy. This easement designates that Maple View Farm land will be used for agricultural purposes or as open land forever. An additional 80 acres was added to the conservancy after 2005.   So, generations of young children can come to Dairyland Road, sit on the porch and look at the farm and the cows while eating their favorite flavor of Maple View ice cream. I am so thankful that responsible people such as the Nutters have chosen to work with the Triangle Land Conservancy. They have given Orange County a huge gift by preserving their land.

Maple View Farm is a big tradition for many folks from Chapel Hill. It is just a few miles from downtown, so many people like to drive out to the farm. This farm is so famous, many times our politicians make a friendly wager with opposing teams saying they will send Maple View Farm ice cream if the Tarheels lose the competition. (This, of course, hardly ever happens!)

Counter at Maple View Farm Country Store

Which flavor will you choose when you visit Maple View Farm?

Every time I enter the country store, floods of memories wash over me as I think about which flavor of ice cream I want.  I immediately feel like I’m a six-year-old. Can’t I just order one of each flavor? This particular day, I tried the Carolina Crunch, which was a mixture of caramel, Heath bar (chocolate and toffee), and coffee. It was creamy, sweet and cool. Usually, my husband and I get the maple flavor. This month, the store is featuring a maple walnut flavor. I highly recommend it as you get the sweet, sugary taste of the maple and the crunchiness of the walnut. It is one of the best flavors they offer. We also love the egg nog, the grape nut flavor (remember the old cereal? It tastes just like that!) and the cinnamon. When it comes down to it, is there a bad flavor of ice cream?

yummy ice cream

Carolina Crunch

The country store is located off Dairyland Road at 6900 Rocky Ridge Road in Hillsborough. Maple View also has two other locations, one in downtown Carrboro and the other in Hillsborough on Hampton Pointe Boulevard.  The country store is open from noon to 8pm Sunday through Saturday.  You can also purchase their milk and ice cream at a variety of local stores. For a list, click here.


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