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REVIEW: Busy Bee Cafe – Raleigh

I love a good veggie burger that is overloaded with black beans, corn, mushrooms and other vegetables. But the Busy Bee Cafe in downtown Raleigh serves a different kind of veggie burger.


Busy Bee Cafe originally opened its doors in 1913.

I had my first spinach and artichoke “burger” at Busy Bee Cafe. And it was delish!  I was expecting a messy burger but the spinach held together nicely. This was one of the freshest tasting veggie burgers I have ever had.


Spinach and artichoke “burger” with feta


Spinach and artichoke “burger” with feta

My friend got the “Tom and Jack” burger with tater tots. He enjoyed that as well. The atmosphere at Busy Bee is casual, and I would recommend eating on the rooftop. It’s not the best view of downtown, but with the nice fall weather and good food, the rooftop provides a nice setting for a casual dinner with friends. Out of the three times I have been to this restaurant, I’ve seen couples, groups of friends, families and a bachelorette party. Needless to say, Busy Bee Cafe has something for everyone. Check out their menu here:


Tom & Jack Burger: pepper jack, fried green tomato, lettuce


REVIEW: SeaGlass Cafe & Bakery – New Bern


Sea Glass Cafe & Bakery has been around in New Bern for quite a few years. It is located on Martin Luther King Blvd just off of Glenburnie. It actually moved just down the road a few years ago and the old sign is still up just off of Highway 70.  I went for brunch after a wedding last weekend and had a good experience. The staff is extremely friendly and the brunch options were pretty fantastic ranging from multiple types of omelets and eggs benedict. They are all reasonably priced and they also had a nice coffee bar which had about 10 different blends of coffee that you could choose from.



Sea Glass Cafe - Working Man's Benedict

I ordered the Working Man’s Benedict which was a four ounce steak with mushrooms and two poached eggs covered in hollandaise on top of a split English muffin. It wasn’t the greatest brunch that I’ve had but I still enjoyed it. The restaurant was packed so they had a lot going on.The English muffins weren’t crisp and the steak tasted like it was from a Golden Corral. My order came with some breakfast potatoes which could have been a little warmer but still had good flavor and I topped them with some Texas Pete for added zing. They weren’t on top of their game in the kitchen but I had a great experience there.


Brynn ordered the special which I can’t remember exactly what she ordered but it looks like it was a combination of biscuits & gravy and eggs Benedict. I am pretty sure that she liked her meal and it looks like a good hangover cure.


All in all, it was a good breakfast but not great. SeaGlass is a cool place to get together for food but I feel that our experience was only a step-up from getting the food through a drive-thru window for breakfast. I think I will probably try to stay in historic New Bern and dine down by the water next time. It may be a little bit more expensive but probably worth it.
SeaGlass Cafe and Bakery on Urbanspoon

REVIEW: Pizzeria Toro

The first thing you will notice as you walk into Pizzeria Toro – aside from the smell of freshly made gourmet pizza – is the long wooden table in the middle of the restaurant. The second thing you will notice is the wood fire grill producing that sensational smell. While some may not be fond of the intrusion of a communal dining table, they will soon forget their worries when they take their first bite. As I look at the menu, I am excited that they have multiple options for “red” and “white” pizzas.


Check out their menu:


As a non-tomato eater, I go for a white pizza. “Soft egg, Old N. Durham oyster Mushrooms, Arugula.” Pizza with a lightly poached egg? You had me at hello. My friend and dining accomplice also ordered a white pizza. “Sweet potato greens, house pancetta and Rustico R.P.”


“Sweet potato greens, house pancetta and Rustico R.P”


“Soft egg, Old N. Durham oyster Mushrooms, Arugula”

Although a bit too heavy on the arugula for my taste, the juicy egg hiding underneath was scrumptious. It was my first time trying an egg on my pizza but it definitely won’t be my last. The pizzas have a thin, crispy crust that is also deliciously chewy at the same time. I will also be going back to Toro because there are a few more pizzas I’d like to try – “Burnsville delicatta squash, garlic, gorgonzola” and “Summer squash, garlic, ricotta, grana padano.”


(Please excuse the quality of the photos. I am using my phone camera until I get a new camera.)

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