REVIEW: Boombalatti’s Ice Cream – Wilmington

It’s December and I’m writing about ice cream that I ate while I was at the beach. Weird.

Boombalatti’s is the place in Wilmington where everyone seems to get their ice cream fix. When I first walked in, I really thought that it was a chain store. It was very well branded throughout the store and the format of the space really seemed like it could have been a chain but the owner said this was the only location. I could see this becoming a chain especially if they are able to keep up the quality of ice cream production that they are known for. It is located on Military Cutoff Road in The Forum shopping center which is very close to both Wilmington and Wrightsville Beach.

I ordered a double scoop of the English toffee flavor. I am a sucker for Heath bars and Skor bars and about any kind of toffee but the ice cream is what makes this so special. The ice cream is made on-site in small batches using quality ingredients. It is rich and smooth the way that ice cream should be. It seems that most ice creams these days are all into cutting out the calories but doing so causes the ice cream to taste awful.

Tyler and Blake both ordered a sampler which came on homemade waffle bowls and had four single scoops of different flavors. This might be the way to go if you can’t pick just one kind of ice cream. I think this cost about $5 or $6 although I had stepped out to the car to grab my camera to snap some shots to post on here so I am not really sure.

I can only imagine how this place kills it during the summer beach months when snowbirds descend on Wilmington and Wrightsville Beach to catch some rays and build sandcastles. It isn’t a place that you can walk to from the beach but it is a not-so-far excursion in the car that you will probably turn into a regular thing after your first trip there.

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2 Responses to REVIEW: Boombalatti’s Ice Cream – Wilmington

  1. Clay says:

    Man, seeing that ice cream and that waffle cone makes me miss the old Cream & Bean on Hillsboro St. in Raleigh (across from the Bell Tower). I agree- if you want low-cal, low-fat ice cream, try Harris Teeter. If you are going to an ice cream shop, bring on the good stuff!

    • Charlie Brinson says:

      I don’t know about the Cream & Bean but I wish it was still there. You gotta check this place out if you head to Wilmington anytime soon!

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