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I have been wanting to write a piece on Emerywood Fine Foods for a long time. I eat there about once every two months when I go home and visit my family in High Point. EFF, as it is known around my house, never disappoints and my dad has pretty much become a regular there which makes me feel like a celebrity every time I walk in. The reason I have written anything is that my pictures had turned out sub-par every time that I’ve tried

They have a great beer and wine selection. I tend to go more towards the beer and they have six taps that have been rotating delicious craft brews. I was impressed to see them have the 21st Amendment’s Hell or High Watermelon wheat beer on tap as well as some local North Carolina taps included Foothills and Highland. Hell or High Watermelon is a summer beer so it was surprising to see it on tap in November but it was a warm day and I really enjoyed it.

I’ve ordered a little bit of everything on the menu since I’ve been eating there for the past few years. The salads are delicious with the North Carolina fried oyster salad ($15) being my favorite. Huge chunks of blue cheese, massive bacon crumbles and piping hot oysters cover a bed of greens with Roma tomatoes and red onions. The pizzas are also top notch. Try the beef tenderloin pizza. I dig it.

My dad and I joined Wil Elder, the president and CEO of the North Carolina Shakespeare Festival and the Triad Stage of Winston-Salem, for dinner. Wil ordered the chicken scallopini which came with three large pieces of Ashley Farms chicken out of Winston-Salem. The portions at Emerywood Fine Foods are massive as you can tell with three pieces of chicken on a single plate. I had a bite and it was fantastic. The panko crust was on point.

My dad ordered a crab cake salad. As you can tell, it came out more like a crab cake entree with a side salad on the far left of the picture but I don’t know anyone in their right mind that would complain about this outcome! The crab cakes are massive with an impressive amount of lump crab in them. They are not the style that we are used to in North Carolina but they have a lot of flavor and the crunch of the panko bread crumbs adds a lot to the salad according to my dad. He was generous enough to split one of his crab cakes with me.

I ordered the Seafood Pasta which came with lump crab, scallops, shrimp and calamari over pasta. The sauce was very rich and hearty and the pasta had a great thickness plus it was limp and overcooked like what is served at many other restaurants. The spinach was a nice addition to the meal giving it added flavor and texture as well as a visually appealing color which helped the presentation. It was a great dish that I would order again.

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