REVIEW: Alex’s Grill & Ice Cream – Lewisville

I never thought that I would run across a 50’s diner/Greek restaurant hybrid with penchant for serving delicious ice cream…but I found one. It is located in Lewisville, NC which is just outside of Winston-Salem off of I-40. I was there for work and had a little bit of time to kill. I hadn’t eaten all day and it was 4 p.m. so I was ready to crush about anything and had sadly been contemplating something quick and expensive from a fast food chain.As usual, thank goodness I chose against fast food and went with Alex’s.

It was pretty empty in Alex’s Grill & Ice Cream when I went in. I eat at odd hours most of the time which mixes me with the late lunch/early dinner crowd. It’s kind of weird…I know this. If you had asked me what I was about to order before I walked through the door of Alex’s, I think one of the last things I would have said would have been Greek food much less the souvlaki which I have never ordered before.

I stared at the menu for a little while as I bounced back and forth between American and Greek. I hadn’t eaten Greek in a while so it finally won my fierce appetite over and I ordered the souvlaki pita platter which came with fries and a drink for roughly about eight bucks which I consider to be a pretty damn good deal.

When the food arrived, I was pretty pumped. My stomach had been letting me know that it hadn’t seen food in a while so it was pretty pumped when I dug into the meal. The tzatziki sauce was very zesty with a soft, warm pita filled with spicy pork ribbons and fresh lettuce and tomatoes and that crazy little awesome tasting onion slivers  that I have only found at the Greek places that I really enjoy. The fries kicked ass, too. They were extremely crispy and seasoned well but the great part is that they were actually served hot as opposed to the luke warm style that so many places do these days.

I also got a hand-scooped milkshake which was some kind of peanut butter something or another. I can’t really remember anything about it except that it was delicious and I hadn’t had that good of a milkshake in a while (probably because I don’t really get milkshakes that often…but still, it was good…).

People started to file in pretty quickly around 5 pm with kids coming in to get a quick chicken finger snack and ice cream before they went to bed (I LOVE AMERICA!) The restaurant patrons were varied but it was a very laid back atmosphere (which I love) with a frustrating jukebox that I just couldn’t figure out how to work and tends to be the key element of a 50’s diner. They had a couple of flat screen TVs (a few with sports and one with the Disney Channel for the kids) above the counter.

I wouldn’t specifically make a trip back to Lewisville just for Alex’s Grill & Ice Cream but I would definitely stop by there again if I was in the area. It was good, honest food at a good price in a fun, small town atmosphere.

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