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One of the things that I love about North Carolina is that almost anywhere that you go in the state, you can usually find a good ol’ fashioned barbecue place to eat. Some people will argue about ‘the barbecue dividing line’ between eastern North Carolina barbecue and Lexington-style barbecue but I don’t really understand it because I love them both. Why would you argue about which is better when they are both great?

I was in Butner on business last week and my co-worker, Bryan, and I had about 45 minutes to kill early in the day so we decided to jump on Urbanspoon and see what kind of local restaurants were in the area. The majority of the restaurants within a two mile radius were littered with national and regional fast food restaurants that neither of us were interested in eating at. We expanded the radius of the search and came across BBQ Barn which was just a minute or two away from where we were. Since it was early (10:30 a.m.), we called beforehand and the friendly voice over the phone said they were open and already serving lunch so we jumped in the car and headed over there.

There were a couple of different barbecue items on the menu included barbecued chicken and a variety of different sizes of barbecue. I didn’t have breakfast that morning so I was pretty hungry and decided to go with the barbecue tray which seemed like a full pound of barbecue with two sides and hush puppies or a roll. I went with mac & cheese and fried okra with hush puppies because I was feeling gluttonous.

The barbecue was fantastic. It is cooked on site and then hand-pulled and sauced by the staff. BBQ Barn sauces it lightly with a bit of eastern North Carolina barbecue sauce before they serve it but they offer both an eastern and Piedmont style sauce if you want to add a little bit more although I didn’t think it needed it. The mac & cheese was pretty basic with macaroni noodles covered in a light yellow cheese sauce but it had great taste. The fried okra seemed to be made in house and were fantastic. I really enjoyed the hush puppies, too. Both the okra and hush puppies were made to order so they came out piping hot.

If you are in Butner, you should definitely pop into the BBQ Barn and pick up a barbecue plate or barbecue sandwich. I got loads of good southern food for $7 and Bryan and I were raving about our new find to friends later that day. I have heard that their chicken & dumplings (served on Thursdays) are out of this world and that locals don’t miss it much. I hope my job will have me headed back there on a Thursday sometime soon!

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