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When I purchased a $10 Groupon to Gnam Gnam Gelato in Greensboro, I thought that I was going to use it on $10 worth of gelato. I had never really branched out into the frozen world of gelato before, partly, because the little spoons that you eat it with make me feel like a giant but I figured it was as good of a time as ever since I’m not planning on jumping on this ridiculous fro-yo bandwagon anytime soon.

I did a little bit of research online to figure out what types of gelato people enjoyed up there and how much gelato I could get for $10. I found out that Gnam Gnam serves more than just gelato including some breakfast items, sandwiches and salads at lunch and a variety of coffee items. I also found out after eating there that they have started serving Donut World donuts which is a huge plus if you are on the way to work and looking for a quick cup of good coffee & donut.

Gnam Gnam Gelato has a cozy atmosphere with a few booths and tables. The colors are very inviting and it is a relaxing place to sit around and have a light lunch or frozen snack. I went in around 2 p.m. to avoid any kind of lunch rush and there were still a few families in there trying to escape the heat wave that hit North Carolina  a few weeks ago with some gelato.


I ordered the Gobbler Panini which is turkey, fresh avocado, lettuce, tomato and onion with chipotle mayo ($7.50). I wasn’t too excited when my order came out because, at first glance, it didn’t seem like this was a sandwich that was going to fill me up especially since I was eating so late in the day. However, this panini turned out to be both extremely tasty and surprisingly filling. The quality of the sandwich ingredients were top notch although I would hope for more options on the potato chips or maybe some sides like pasta salad or fresh fruit for a healthier alternative to the somewhat greasy bag of chips.

I ordered it as a combo which meant that I got my choice of any panini on the menu with a bag of chips plus two scoops of gelato for $8.75. They have several different combo options that you come can choose from giving you the option to get a little bit of everything on the menu with two options offering gelato included with your meal.

They offer a variety of interesting flavors including Almond Joy, Amarena Cherry, Tiramisu and Pistachio just to name a few. Gnam Gnam also has several seasonal flavors that you can order as well  as a few different flavors of sorbetto. They posted the other day about an avocado and cilantro gelato which sounds interesting.  They also have some special gelato dishes like spaghetti gelato or Pinocchio gelato where the gelato is served in a creative fun way that children will definitely enjoy!

I ordered a combination of the caramel latte and some kind of crazy chocolate/banana flavor after getting the advice of the server. It only took me two bites of the gelato for me to know that I had become a fan of both gelato and Gnam Gnam Gelato in particular. It was so smooth and refreshing and the perfect accompaniment to the book that I was reading during a relaxing lunch break.

You should stop in to Gnam Gnam Gelato soon and grab some gelato before we start getting cold weather because it is a great and inexpensive way to beat the heat. I am glad that I did because I am now on the gelato bandwagon. Gnam Gnam Gelato also has a cart that travels around Greensboro to weddings, parks and local businesses. Follow them on Facebook or Twitter to keep up with where the cart will be!

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