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inside Peppers Market in Morrisville

Contemporary design is the name of the game at Pepper's in Morrisville

Summer is coming to an end, and my friend is moving to Ohio. Before she leaves we decided to get a group together and have lunch. She suggested we go out for lunch and try Pepper’s Market and Sandwich Shop.

This quaint, yet sleek and modern looking sandwich shop is located in Morrisville in the Grace Park mixed-use development, and is a quick drive from many of the Wake County companies in RTP. Patrons are handed a menu as they enter the door and then order at the counter. Then you are given a number to put on your table and a waitress brings you your meal. The open kitchen helps to keep you from thinking about how small this place is. There is also a table with barstools that helps break up the room a bit and give the illusion that the restaurant is bigger than it is.

This sandwich shop was booming. Lots of people have already discovered it, and are enjoying the big sandwiches, salads and smoothies. There are many choices of low calorie and healthier foods here which may add to the place’s popularity.

black bean burger

Black bean burger at Pepper's

I ordered the black bean burger.  It was topped with a generous portion of lettuce, tomato and avocado and slathered with a dressing that looked like Russian dressing. It was wrapped in a Ciabatta roll.  I would have liked a little more spice in the black bean mixture. I think a bit of cilantro may have helped.  The sandwich came with a side dish. I had the fruit salad, which consisted of pineapple and red grapes.

roasted vegetable sandwich

Roasted Vegetable sandwich

One of my friends had the roasted vegetable sandwich. It is a nice sized sandwich served with roasted eggplant, carrots, onions and peppers with a Ciabatta roll. She is a vegetarian and loves this restaurant, because there are many choices for vegetarians. She said the sandwich was very good.

grilled cheese

An upscale grilled cheese sandwich

Another of our friends was in the mood for a little comfort food, so she ordered the grilled cheese sandwich. It was nice and toasted, served with gourmet cheese and Applewood smoked bacon. It looked very inviting!

salmon sandwich

Grilled Salmon sandwich

Someone else tried the grilled salmon sandwich which came with a citrus sauce and was served with lettuce, red onion and tomatoes. She said it was a superb sandwich and she would definitely come back for another one sometime soon! I think next time I eat here I will also order the grilled salmon. It really looked great.

We ended our outing by walking over to the Goodwill Thrift shop which is located in the same complex. Our friend bought several books to read while she stays indoors during those long Ohio winters.

Pepper’s is open for breakfast and lunch and usually closes by 4pm. (3pm on Sundays). It is located at 2107 Grace Park Drive in Morrisville, off of Davis Drive.

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