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Josephine’s Bistro, located on Spring Garden Street, has been open in Greensboro for a little over a year now. It is the sister restaurant of Lindley Park Filling Station and both are run by Chef Chris Blackburn and Sarah Keith. The restaurant has a very relaxed atmosphere with local beers and fine wines as well as some cool patio seating. I had been once before and was excited to try their food again. My brother and his wife took me out for my birthday dinner there and we had a fantastic time.

The complimentary bread at Josephine’s is great. They serve it in a little aluminum pail with an olive oil mixture for dipping. The olive oil mixture wasn’t just olive oil and Italian seasoning or cracked pepper blended in like a lot of restaurants tend to serve. Instead, it was a zesty, tomato based olive oil mixture with various spices and a lot of taste.  The bread is freshly baked and soft with a slightly crunchy exterior. We munched through the first basket pretty quickly and our waitress was nice enough to bring another one to our table. That basket got dominated almost as quickly as the first one.

We started out the night with an order of fried green tomatoes ($9) which came with a local peach puree, country ham, Parmesan pimiento cheese and tarragon as well as some sprouts on top. They were fantastic and perfect for our party of three because we each got one. I am a sucker for fried green tomatoes but these are some of the best that I’ve had in a while and the peach puree added a very subtle sweet profile to the richness of the pimiento cheese. The saltiness of the country ham also played a part but didn’t stand out as much to my palate as the peach did.

AK ordered the bistro flatiron steak ($21.80) with homemade green tomato cabbage spice chow chow and a cracked pepper thyme demi glace. The dish came with a side of herb Parmesan potato au gratin but she decided to substitute that for truffle-dusted pomme frites because her favorite word is Pom because of her dog, Lily, who is a Pomapoo (Pomeranian Poodle mix). I had a bite of the steak with the chow chow and it was awesome. Chow chow, not the dog breed, is a Southern relish that consists of a variety of pickled vegetables with mustard. It added a lot of flavor to the steak while not overwhelming it. Here is a recipe if you are interested in making chow chow at home.

My brother, Will, ordered the sauteed flounder ($25) which was served over a bean scallion ponzu cake and covered in a spiced yuzu pineapple basil sauce with sesame, tomato and broccoli. I tried a bite of all of it and I enjoyed it. It had a mixture of flavors varying from the earth taste of the black beans, the sweetness of the pineapple and the funkiness of the scallion. It was an interesting combination that worked well with flounder and I think would do the same with most fish.

Let’s get to my favorite part of the meal: my dish. I ordered the Herbed Pork Milanese ($23.90) which is served with smoked housemade mozzarella, anasazi beans, heirloom tomatoes, sage yuzu brown butter and a corn mixed green salad then it is drizzled with a little balsamic. It is basically a fancified fried pork chop but that doesn’t even begin to describe it. This was one of the best pork dishes that I have ever had and cleaned the plate except for the bone where there was no trace of any meat left on it. This is probably the best dish that I have had so far in 2011 and can’t wait to go back so I can order it again. I just hope it will be on the menu.

We ordered the carrot cake (my choice because it was my birthday) which was absolutely delicious and came with a side of ice cream and was covered in walnuts. It had a bit of an orange spice to it but I hate that I can’t be too descriptive on the dessert because I forgot (read as: too full to) write down any of the dessert descriptions. I thought it was fantastic and would order it again. I love carrot cake.

We also ordered the flourless chocolate chipotle cake. It had a great taste but was pretty damn spicy. The whipped cream was a nice compliment because it helped cut a little bit of the spice from the cake. The white chocolate and raspberry sauces were a delicious addition to the plate giving it nice flavor as well as a psychedelic Grateful Dead-like presentation on the plate.

Josephine’s is open from 5pm to 9pm on Monday and 5pm to 10pm on Tuesday through Saturday. It is closed on Sunday. They offer an early bird special from Monday through Thursday where you can dine for $11 before 6pm and choose between three entries. Click here to check out the rest of their weekly specials ranging from half-priced appetizers to martini Tuesdays.

Josephine’s Bistro is some of the best food that I have found in Greensboro. I definitely recommend it to as you as a nice place to take a date or just a place to go sit down and hang out with some friends. The staff is very friendly and the ambiance is relaxed. I don’t think you will be disappointed and you will more than likely find one of your favorite restaurants in North Carolina here.

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