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Thai House exterior

We traveled to the Charlotte area this weekend to see some friends and while we were out and about we decided to go out for dinner. We decided to try out the Thai House in Tower Place. There are also two more locations, one near the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and one in Gastonia.

From the moment we stepped into the restaurant we knew we made a good choice. The decor immediately transports you to Thailand. There are lots of intricate wood carvings all over the restaurant and the bar area. The waiters and waitresses are dressed in beautiful Thai silks. There is a feeling of opulence in the air.

Interior of Thai House

wait staff at Thai House

The friendly wait staff at Thai House

Our friend ordered the Tom Yum soup to start out. The broth has a hint of sourness to it from the lemon grass and the lime juice. It had nice big pieces of chicken, mushrooms, tomatoes and red pepper in it as well. It was a comforting soup that was not too filling.

Green papaya salad called Tom Sum

Tom Sum salad

We had the Som Tum salad. This is a typical Thai green papaya salad. It had julienned pieces of green papaya and carrots with raw green beans, tomato and a splash of fish sauce, lime juice and a hint of thai peppers. Chopped peanuts were sprinkled over the top.  It is a very refreshing summer salad. Perfect for the hot days ahead!

Pad Thai

Pad Thai

Both of our husbands ordered the Pad Thai, which was made with nice thick rice noodles stir fried in a bit of Thai fish sauce, tamarind sauce and red chilli peppers. One person ordered it with seafood and the other ordered it with chicken. It also had crispy bean sprouts, onions, eggs, nice pieces of green onion and chopped peanuts. It  had a nice tangy taste to it, which is most likely the tamarind sauce.

Goong Rad Prig

Goong Rad Prig

My friend had the Goong Rad Prig, which was a shrimp dish with bamboo shoots, green bell peppers, green beans and crushed Thai basil leaves  in a thin red curry sauce that had a nice kick to it making your mouth hum for awhile. The pieces of shrimp were large and very generous. It was served with a side of white jasmine rice.

penang duck dish

Crispy duck penang

I ordered the crispy duck penang dish. I love penang. It is a creamy curry sauce that is made with the thick part of coconut cream and is much thicker than a traditional red curry. It is also much sweeter than a traditional red curry. The duck was fried in little balls with duck meat, but I quickly found out you have to look out for bones. I had two little bones in my dish and was lucky I didn’t choke on them. However, it was very delicious. The dish was served in a duck bowl, which was quite delightful. It had snow peas, broccoli, tomatoes and had the fragrant smell of kaffir lime leaves. It was topped off with chopped peanuts. This dish also came with a side of jasmine rice.

For those of you unfamiliar with kaffir lime leaves, it is an ingredient used in many southeast Asian countries, but particularly in Thailand. My husband and I have a kaffir lime tree that was given to us by a Thai friend of ours. We love to crush the leaves and put them into curry dishes and into chicken broth. It is the aroma of these leaves that make many Thai dishes so special.

After such a big meal and two glasses of chardonnay, we just did not have any room left for dessert, but the restaurant offered some enticing choices such as coconut ice cream, and a mango flavored rice dish.

One more puzzle about this restaurant was the large flat screen television that was on the wall. It was clearly out of place in such a fancy restaurant. No one was watching it and the only reason to have it there would be for the wait staff, so my recommendation is to move it to the kitchen or into the bar area.

Thai House at Tower Place is located at 8652 Pineville Matthews Rd.

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