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Jack’s Corner is one of the local spots in Greensboro that you shouldn’t miss. It is adjacent to the entrance of the campus of UNC-Greensboro near a lot of student housing so a lot of the clientele consists of college students. When school is in session, try to time your stop at Jack’s Corner while the students are still in class because it can get pretty hectic over there in between classes.

The one issue with Jack’s Corner is the parking. They have a very odd shaped lot in front of the restaurant and the shape makes it a little hard to maneuver into a parking spot especially if there are a few cars in there. They is another lot off of Aycock Street behind the restaurant for an additional parking in case you can’t get into the lot up front. The city also added a median in front of the Spring Garden entrance limiting the number of directions that you can enter the restaurant.

Once you get over the parking problem at Jack’s Corner and get inside the restaurant, everything is smooth sailing from there. They have a couple of the menu items pictured on the wall like the gyro platter and the steak & cheese combo. They also have a giant menu printed and posted on the wall so you can figure out what you want without ever flipping through an actual paper menu. Place your order, pay for it and then sit down & wait for your name to be called and they will bring it out to your table.

I am a huge fan of hors d’oeuvre especially the kind that are served in triangles at parties. Growing up, I didn’t really know what I was eating when I was filling up my plate with the flaky triangle pastries filled with spinach, onions and feta that I found out later in life were known as spanakopita. I didn’t realize that the traditional form of spanakopita actually came in the pan instead of in those little delectable triangle parcels. Jack’s Corner gives you a little bit of both worlds with their spanakopita because they cook it in the pan but cut it into triangles and then serve it.

While I enjoyed their spanakopita, I don’t know if I would drop $2.09 on it again. It was decent sized and crispy just the way that I liked it when I was little but it just didn’t blow me away. I will probably get the falafels or grape leaves next time I am in there and feeling an appetizer. I am no expert on spanakopita so give it a try and let me know what you think.

I ordered the chicken gyro platter ($6.99) which comes with fries and a Greek salad. The chicken gyro has lettuce, tomato and cucumber sauce which is wrapped in a grilled pita. The warm, homemade pita and the fresh lettuce and tomato are great fillers for this hefty gyro but the spiced chicken strips were what give it so much taste. The chicken strips are very thin and grilled tender. They are covered in some “old world aromatic spices” which give them a salty and tangy flavor with a bit of kick. The strips are about the length of the pita so you taste a little bit in every bite.

I was glad that I ordered the platter instead of the combo because it came with the Greek salad. It was anything huge but the greens were fresh and the tomato was juicy making it a great side salad. The sprinkled feta crumbles and heavy oil & vinegar dressing made it pretty strong but I still dug it. The French fries were absolutely on point: crispy, hot and seasoned. It may sound a little sketchy but dipping them in the cucumber sauce turned out to be better to me than dipping than in ketchup.

One thing you may notice about Jack’s Corner is that they serve everything on paper plates. They are the strong Hefty type that hold up under moisture so you don’t have to worry about them folding under the pressure of whatever you are eating. It probably isn’t the best thing for the environment but I guess it works better for them in the kitchen as they are probably spending more money washing dishes.

There were a few complaints on Yelp about the cost of the meal compared to the portion size but I have never walked out of Jack’s Corner still hungry and irritated that I spent too much. I don’t understand it because most of the combos or plates are only about one dollar more than a combo at McDonald’s. Adding hummus or baba ghanouj ($3.99 for a plate & pita bread for either) to your meal will definitely tack on some money but that is just the nature of the restaurant industry.

Jack’s Corner Mediterranean Deli is one of Greensboro’s best kept secrets. You can be in and out of there fairly quickly with a great meal in your stomach plus you will supporting a family owned and operated restaurant. I suggest getting the gyros because they are fantastic but everything I have heard says to get some falafels whether it be in a basket or in a wrap. If you dig good Greek food, I think you will love Jack’s Corner.

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