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After spending a long, fun weekend hiking through the North Carolina mountains and exploring all the trails through the beautiful wilderness that our state has to offer, the one thing that most people look for is a delicious, local restaurant where they can get a hot cup of coffee and a filling breakfast. If you are hiking around Cedar Mountain, NC, you should make Grammy’s Restaurant that place when you get off the trail after spending the weekend eating out of your pack.

I had spent the weekend running around a former YMCA camp in the area with a bunch of friends for a wedding. It was a beautiful ceremony that had the backdrop of North Carolina’s beautiful mountain ranges while they exchanged vows. They served a lot of delicious food or beer with a whole pig plus sides catered by ED Boudreaux’s Bayou Bar-B-Que in downtown Asheville and kegs from Highland Brewery (Gaelic Ale, Kashmir IPA) and Pisgah Brewing (Pale Ale, IPA) so we were all eating & drinking like kings!

We woke up on Sunday craving a hearty breakfast so Taylor, Maria, Jackie & I decided to head down to Grammy’s where Taylor had gone the day before. He said it was a great homestyle breakfast place and that the biscuits were awesome. The wedding couple provided a continental breakfast that morning but we were all feeling something  a little more so we decided to do a bigger brunch at Grammy’s.

Grammy’s Restaurant is located on NC 276 (also known as Greenville Highway) in Cedar Mountain right near the border of North Carolina and South Carolina. NC 276 is a  two-lane road winding through the mountains with some pretty sharp curves. It is a beautiful drive passing by local stores and gorgeous farmland that is only made better by rolling the windows down and listening to some awesome tunes.

The great thing about brunch is that you can get a little bit of something from the breakfast menu and a little bit of something from the lunch menu. The corn fritters were something that stood out to us off of the lunch menu so we decided to start with those as an appetizer. They were a real Southern treat with fresh, sweet corn packed inside a crispy, fried exterior. It tasted almost like they might have used creamed corn in these. Either way, they were delicious and I’m pretty sure that the whole table was glad that we ordered them. Here is a delicious-looking recipe for corn fritters that I found on a cool blog called The Pioneer Woman. I think I am going to have to make these at home sometime soon!

Taylor ordered the Cedar Mountain Big Breakfast which consists of 2 eggs (cooked any way), 2 pieces of bacon, 2 sausage patties and your choice of either 2 pancakes or French toast or one order of biscuits & gravy. This thing was massive and I sadly was only able to get a picture of the biscuits & gravy which Taylor gave me a bite so I could try it. It had large chunks of sausage and the gravy was very rich with a nice spice to it. The biscuits are homemade and are perfect for being covered in their homemade gravy.  The slice of watermelon made the plate look a little healthier although it might have been better if it was placed on the main plate so that it didn’t touch the gravy.

The picture that I took of the whole Cedar Mountain Big Breakfast  just didn’t turn out very well. Taylor was hoping that they would have hand-pattied the sausage but it turned out to be freezer sausage which was a little disappointing. The eggs were cooked exactly how Taylor ordered and looked like fresh, local eggs. I would definitely get the Cedar Mountain Big Breakfast the next time that I was there but it was just a little bit too much food for me to handle that morning.

I ended up ordering the country ham biscuit with egg and cheese. The country ham was exactly what I was hoping for when I ordered it with a sweet, salty crust and tender ham on the biscuit. I have the feeling that the country ham was either cured in house or by someone locally. They pan seared the ham before they folded it onto the biscuit which helped pull out a lot of the taste from when it was cured. The egg are cooked like a filling-less omelette and then served and the biscuit as well as a slice of cheese melted on it. The waitress gave me an unusual look when I ordered the cheese but I have found that a slice of melted cheese can hold together a crumbling biscuit.

The home fries were served sliced and cooked to a crisp. They weren’t greasy and tasted great dipped in a mix of the ketchup and the locally sponsored hot sauce (Stew’s Heating & Cooling, Inc’s Affinity Hot Heat Pump Sauce). I usually prefer a hash browns or cubed home fries but these were pretty good. However, I don’t think they were sliced fresh but I could be wrong. They were pretty much thicker versions of homemade potato chips.

If you are in the area, you definitely need to stop by Grammy’s for a good home-cooked breakfast. The staff is extremely friendly and you won’t be disappointed in the food and you definitely get your money’s worth.

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  1. Anna Pinks says:

    Awww…Charlie! I’m so glad you had a good time at the wedding and that you got to enjoy breakfast at Grammy’s.

  2. Charlie Brinson says:

    Thanks Anna! Let’s catch up soon!

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