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History on the wall at Silver Dollar

Stepping into the Silver Dollar restaurant is like stepping back in time about 40 years.  Avocado green formica tables with harvest gold bench seats line the wood paneled walls which are covered with articles and old photos depicting Asheville history.

Jeb and I were greeted at the door by a petite Greek woman standing near the old cigarette machine who directed us to the more comfortable booths with a warm smile. The smells of bacon and sausage cooking on the griddle made my mouth water. I felt instantly at home.

Menus and waters were promptly placed on our table and our drink orders were taken. I drank fresh, hot coffee from a cup which never got below half full and Jeb drank iced tea that was so sweet it’d make your teeth hurt.

That’s a lot of food!

After placing our orders, we were entertained by our waitress with stories about the restaurant, the neighborhood and Asheville history. “Do you remember that blizzard of ’93?” she recounted, “Yep, I’m 4’11” and that snow came half way up my backside.” She also told us stories of the filming of the chase scenes in the 1958 movie Thunder Road and how the restaurant had once been on the other side of the street before the bridge was built.

By the time our food came, it could have been mediocre and I still knew I would be back. With friendly service and attention like this, it would be difficult not to love the little place. The food, however, did not disappoint. Jeb’s pork chop and scrambled eggs with cheese were seasoned and cooked perfectly. My western omelet was fluffy and stuffed with fillings. It was the potatoes though that had both of our eyes rolling back in our heads. They were salty and delicious and the best thing on the plate.

We, of course, also ordered a side of biscuits and gravy. Though it didn’t have sausage in it, as I am still looking for, the biscuits were light and buttery and the gravy was definitely something worthy of a return visit.

The Silver Dollar was a quaint diner whose friendly staff created a cozy spot where you can get delicious home cooking at a cheap price and served with a warm smile and side of Asheville history.

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