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Every time that I go to Wilmington, I tend to order seafood items off of menus because I’m at the beach. It could be the salty air or the freshness factor but I am always in the mood to order shrimp, fish or crab. However, it is nice to take a break from the ocean’s bounty when down in Wilmington and I took one a few weeks ago when I ate at Sweet N Savory Cafe, one of Wilmington’s busiest breakfast and lunch spots, off of Eastwood Rd.

Sweet N Savory might not be the greatest name for a restaurant ever but it has been able to thrive in Wilmington from delicious food, great service and a friendly atmosphere. They serve a wide range of breakfast items like omelets, eggs, breakfast sandwiches and tons of bakery items that they make fresh daily. The lunch menu at Sweet N Savory is enormous which is great but always makes it hard for me to figure out what I want. They offer everything from soups to salads to sandwiches with a huge variety of each.


I decided to go with the Black Rabbit Pub Sub (From the Black Rabbit Pub in Arundel, England. Slow roasted roast beef, melted Swiss, onion marmalade, lettuce and tomato on a traditional heath baked French baguette) which was one of their seasonal selections. The roast beef was extremely tender and rare. The onion marmalade was very interesting and gave the sandwich a sweetness that is uncharacteristic of roast beef sandwiches which tend to be slathered in horseradish. The baguette was both crunchy and soft showcasing the skill of the bakery at Sweet N Savory.

Jordan ordered the Shrimp Gyros (large shrimp, feta cheese, cucumbers, lettuce, tomato, onions and cucumber dill sauce on a toasted pita). It wasn’t a traditional gyro which normally dons a massive amount of tzatziki but the feta cheese and cucumber dill sauce on this gyro gave it enough flavor without making it overly soggy. The shrimp were large & fresh (possibly local but I didn’t inquire) which I was glad to see because there are many places that tend to skimp on the quality of the shrimp. Jordan said that it was great although the pita wasn’t as fluffy as she was used to.

Ashley went with the Chicken Club Pita (marinated chicken strips, Swiss, Parmesan, bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion and mayo on a toasted pita) which she said was pretty refreshing. It seemed like Sweet N Savory’s pita has the same issue of not being as fluffy as most of us are used to but it may be a little bit healthier.



Elliot ordered the Johnny Appleseed (Premium turkey breast, Havarti cheese, Granny Smith apples and honey mustard on our homemade croissant). The waitress said that it was a customer favorite and Elliot said it didn’t disappoint. He said tartness of the Havarti and the sweetness of the apple and honey mustard were a good contrast that equaled out the richness of the croissant.

Sweet N Savory is a local favorite so you will most likely find yourself waiting shortly in line for a table but its worth the wait. Definitely a great Sunday meal before you hit the road after a weekend at the beach. Check it out and let us know what you think.

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