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My buddy, Russ, is always telling me about new places in and around High Point that I need to try and write about on Eat It, North Carolina. I am forever grateful for his introduction to these all of these places because, even growing up in High Point, I had never heard about a few of them before. A couple of weeks ago, I drove over to High Point to meet him for lunch at a place called Becky’s and Mary’s on East Washington Drive near downtown High Point.

Becky’s and Mary’s is off the beaten path in an area of town that has seen better days. You could pass by Becky’s and Mary’s without ever realizing it because there is basically no visible signage except for an illuminated OPEN sign and two small paper signs taped to the windows. There is a dirt parking lot next to the restaurant that has potholes and collects water after it rains but there are always cars in it as long as the restaurant is open.

I didn’t get a chance to talk to anyone at the restaurant about the history of the place but I found a great article in Our State Magazine that goes into great detail about Becky’s and Mary’s with more of a focus on the culture than the the food.

The staff at Becky’s and Mary’s is some of the most friendly that you will come across in the restaurant industry. “Service with a smile” is something that it is widely used across the industry and many times a facade but Becky’s and Mary’s is the real deal. They are legitimately happy to see each and every person walk into the restaurant and sit down to enjoy the food that they put their heart and soul into. Whether it be a regular that they see everyday or a new face that has never been in there, they welcome you with open arms and kind spirits.

Meat and two vegetables is what the Southern cooking at Becky’s and Mary’s is all about. Each day, they have new specials which they write on the board in front of the cash register. They had the staples like country-style steak, fried chicken and pork chops plus sides like yams, potato salad, rice & gravy and mac & cheese. Russ told me that they had the best pork chops that he has ever had in his life so I figured I would give them a try.

He was absolutely right. The pork chops, two generous pieces, were buttermilk fried to a delicious crisp and extremely tender on the inside. I thought the breading was great but I still added a little Texas Pete to add a little kick to them. The potato salad was one of the best that I have ever had (recipe below via Our State Magazine) using a blend of potatoes, eggs and vegetables to give it a great consistency. The rice & gravy were out of this world, too. The meal came with a piece of cornbread which wasn’t very memorable but still delicious.

Here is a recipe for Becky’s and Mary’s Potato Salad from Our State Magazine’s website, one of our favorite resources for finding out about great things happening across the state of North Carolina:

Becky’s and Mary’s Family Reunion Potato Salad

Makes enough for about 25 people.

    • 20 pounds of potatoes
    • 30 eggs
    • 2 green peppers chopped
    • 2 onions grated
    • 3 cups of sweet relish
    • 4 cups of mayonnaise
    • 4 ounces of pimentos
    • Salt and sugar to taste

Place potatoes in a large pot, cover with water and boil until tender or done. It’ll take about 45 minutes. Then, peel and place in a large bowl and use a potato masher to mash. Place the eggs in a large pot, cover with water and boil for about 10-15 minutes. Peel and dice. In a large container, combine the potatoes, eggs, green peppers, onions, sweet relish, mayonnaise, pimentos, salt and sugar. Gently mix together and place in refrigerator to chill. Serve in about two hours. You’ll be able to feed about 25 people.

If you are in High Point, make it a point to stop down by Becky’s and Mary’s for a meal. You should definitely give the fried pork chops a try but all of their food looked delicious so I don’t think you can go wrong ordering anything on their menu. Don’t forget to get a glass of their sweet tea either because it is how good Southern sweet tea should taste.

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