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Kickback Jack‘s is a sports bar that I have been a few times a few miles up the street from my house. It is what your average sports bar would be after it took steroids and then robbed a bunch of flat screens from Best Buy. I tried to count the number of hi-def TVs there but I lost track around 33 or 34 and I probably only got through about 3/4 of the restaurant. I’ve been up on an NFL Sunday and during the college basketball season. The place is usually slammed but there are enough tables that you won’t have trouble finding a seat…except on Super Bowl Sunday.

The company that runs Kickback Jack’s, Battleground Restaurant Group, is located in Greensboro. They also ran a small chain of restaurants called Rockola Cafe which has depleted to one location in Asheboro which I’ve heard that they are planning on turning into a Kickback Jack’s within the next year. I will be sad to see the Rockola restaurant chain die because I had a lot of great memories eating there during my childhood after soccer practice and during birthday parties. Right now, there are two North Carolina-based Kickback Jack’s locations in Greensboro and Raleigh (plus, one in Danville, VA) and there are plans to open up other locations throughout the state including Fayetteville.

I went up there with my buddy, E, a few weeks ago and ordered the Firehouse Burger. It is a half-pound burger topped with pepperjack cheese, fried jalapeños, tobacco onions and smothered in their tavern sauce which had a little kick, too.  This thing lit me on fire but I thought it was great. The  heat gave me a reason to drink my beer a little quicker and try out a few different beers that they have on tap. The beer selection is pretty decent with some great craft beers but not that much North Carolina pride on the taps except for Red Oak and Natty Greene’s. The burger was massive and it comes with a ridiculous amount of fries on the side which are hand-cut and on point. I definitely recommend getting one of these if you are there.

Kickback Jack’s menu is huge but there aren’t that many surprises in terms of out of the ordinary items. E and I got The Tailgator (Kickback Jack’s appetizer sampler) which has mozzarella sticks, chicken tenders, Buffalo shrimp and boneless wings. It’s all fried food and good quality but I was less than impressed with the marinara sauce that actually made the mozzarella sticks worse.

I recommend Kickback Jack’s as a great place to go enjoy a few beers and eat some bar food while watching the game. The food quality is great with a fun atmosphere. They have cornhole, pool tables, NTN trivia and karaoke to keep you entertained if you aren’t watching the game wholeheartedly. It is pretty much what you look for in a sports bar because there really isn’t a bad seat unless you are stuck next to a bunch of Steelers fans.

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