REVIEW: Corner Grill – High Point

On the outskirts of High Point, there is an old school burger joint called the Corner Grill that serves some of the city’s best burgers. It is open six days a week for breakfast and lunch but I haven’t made it during the morning yet although I have heard great things about it.

The building used to be a gas station and country store from back in the day and the set up hasn’t changed much since then. The interior of the restaurant is quaint with about 12 tables scattered throughout the restaurant, a small TV in the corner, a bunch of collegiate pennants and a couple of framed pictures from High Point’s history.

During the lunch rush, expect to wait a few minutes to be able to sit down and order. This place is a hot spot especially on Saturdays for locals. Personally, I am a fan of the late lunch (1:30 – 2:30 p.m.) because most places aren’t particularly busy. Once you get a seat at Corner Grill and place an order, your food will be out no time so just sit back and sip on their awesome sweet tea or a bottle of Cheerwine.

My recommendation is to get a burger. They use some of the best looking tomato slices that I have ever seen from local Davidson County farmers. For your side, I would say get the fries because they are the huge crinkle-cut fries but they also have homemade chips and a pretty tasty coleslaw as options, too. My burger was way too messy because I didn’t ask them to go light on the mayonnaise or mustard so I ended up going through a ridiculous amount of napkins but the burger was still on point.

I’ve heard great things about their fried bologna and hot dogs but have yet to try them. If you are feeling dessert, the Corner Grill’s banana pudding is killer. They only take cash so make sure you bring some or they will have you in the back washing dishes to make up for the burger and fries that you just ate.

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  1. […] not what I was looking for. I was in search of a place similar to a place that served burgers like Corner Grill in High Point is one of my favorites. I finally made it to Jerry’s Grill near the intersection of Whitaker […]

  2. J. Burton says:

    Corner Grill also serves soups starting in the fall!! Creamy chicken, vegetable, chicken and dumplings, chili beans, shrimp and vegetable, etc. Their desserts are awesome also–pumpkin crisp being one of my favs!! Just go there!! Support our local business!!

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