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REVIEW – New York Butcher Shoppe – Greensboro

logoThe New York Butcher Shoppe started out in Mount Pleasant, SC after a longtime New York butcher moved down south wanting to keep his butcher trade going. Based on the fundamentals of great service and great quality food in an inviting environment, the New York Butcher Shoppe began expanding into franchises in South Carolina, Georgia and North Carolina.

REVIEW: Zack’s Hot Dogs – Burlington

I have been hearing great stuff about Zack’s Hot Dogs in Burlington for about seven years now and was finally in the Burlington area dropping off some marketing materials with my friend, Elliot. I dropped by the downtown staple which celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2003 to grab a late lunch before heading out of town.

I walked into Zack’s right around 3 p.m. on Friday and it wasn’t too busy in there. I snagged a seat at the bar and ordered a combination dog (hot dog + cheese), a Zack’s burger, fries and a drink. All of the food was in front of me within two minutes and I began to get my grub on (pictures below).

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