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Basil’s & Co. is a bistro, wine bar and dessertery in Greensboro that is an upscale version of its sister restaurant, Sweet Basil’s, which is also in Greensboro. The bistro is tucked away in a recently renovated space on Westover Terrace only a few minutes from downtown. Basil’s & Co.’s sign beams across the parking lot to Westover Terrace so it is hard to miss after the sun goes down.

A few weeks ago, I made my first venture out to either of the Basil restaurants with Will, AK, Emma and Powell late on a Friday night. We decided that we wanted an upscale, late dinner and Emma recommended that we try Basil’s & Co. because she had eaten Sweet Basil’s before and heard great things about it’s sister restaurant.

Everyone but me ordered the Sweet Basil’s Signature martini before dinner. It is a citrus vodka infused with lime & basil dotted with a hint of grapefruit juice. I am usually not prone to drop $10 on a single drink so I stuck with one of Stone Brewing Co.’s Arrogant Bastard Ales but gave the martini a taste test and would definitely consider ordering it the next time I go.

We started out with two appetizers: the duet of dips (above) and fried pickles (below). The duet of dips consisted of a spicy black bean hummus dip, a Parmesan and crab dip & some stone baked bread crisps. The crisps didn’t have much taste which I respect because it allowed me to appreciate the flavors in the dips wholeheartedly. The breading on the fried pickles had a nice kick which was complimented by the juiciness of the pickle slices and the numbing of the horseradish garlic aioli on the side.

As our entrees arrived, it seemed like everyone was used to the fact that I was going to chronicle everything on the table by taking a picture of it with my Droid. The table even got into it as we passed my phone around and let everyone take a picture of their own dish. Somehow, I managed to not take a picture of my own dish (shrimp and grits) during the impromptu photo shoot.

The shrimp and grits were good but not great. The chef blended chorizo into the dish which gave it a nice little kick and added a bit more meatiness to it. The dish was just a little too rich for me making me think that Paula Deen might have been dropping sticks of butter into the double boiler back there.

Will ordered the special that night which was a pan-seared grouper over Thai noodles with an Asian vegetable medley, sesame seeds and a peanut sauce reduction. The grouper He gave me a taste and he definitely ordered to best thing on the menu.

Emma and Powell both ordered the seared scallops with Asian noodle salad and sesame-ginger sauce. The scallops were cooked perfectly to retain the texture of the meat while allowing the sesame-ginger sauce to soak in.  I didn’t try the Asian noodle salad but it looked damn good.

AK ordered the small portion of the CAB sirloin steak with bordelaise accompanied with truffle dusted match stick fries. The presentation of the dish was sub-par and looked like it could have been put on a plastic tray and called the McCAB sirloin steak. I tried a few fries and they were delicious. I am a sucker for truffles. AK absolutely loved the meal so only the presentation was flawed.

Basil’s & Co. offers an awesome looking selection of desserts but we were all stuffed and about to head out for cocktails so we decided to bypass all of the mouthwatering desserts on the menu.

We all enjoyed Basil’s & Co. The atmosphere was fantastic and the food was some of the best that I have had in Greensboro. I would strongly suggest that you make plans to visit Basil’s & Co. fin the next few weeks. My recommendation would be to order an array of appetizers and then get a small plate of the entree for dinner…and don’t forget to try their Sweet Basil’s Signature martini (or more commonly known as the Basil-tini).

Here is a link to Basil’s & Co.’s seasonal menu (4.8 MB PDF)

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