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Cheerwine-filled Krispy Kreme Donut? Yes, please…

Cheerwine isn’t just a soft drink to me. It is more like a childhood memory. Having grown up just down the road from the Cheerwine factory and bottling plant, I fondly remember washing down a great meal from The Dog House, Inc. in High Point, NC with a delicious Cheerwine or miraculously finding a gas station that had a Cheerwine Slushie machine. Baseball practices weren’t complete without a Cheerwine at the end.

Yesterday, I read an article on the Triad Business Journal’s Web site about the new “Cheerwine Kreme-Filled Doughnuts” that Krispy Kreme and Cheerwine were creating. Instant salivation after finding out that two of my greatest childhood memories were getting blended together.

This morning, Krispy Kreme dropped off a few dozen of these “Cheerwine Kreme-Filled Doughnuts” in Gov. Bev Purdue’s office and looked incredible. I am not partial to the creme filled donuts but I think I will have to give this one a try.

Cheerwine Kreme-Filled doughnuts will be available in July but only in grocery stores across North & South Carolina.

Now for a word from the president of Cheerwine:

“It is like North Carolina in a doughnut.”

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Check out their article on the new donut.

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