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Bin 33 is my favorite restaurant in Greensboro right now but it hasn’t even opened yet. I haven’t walked through the door but I am completely enthralled with it. How could this be? Well…this past Sunday, Bin 33 held a beer and food tasting at Boston’s House of Jazz & Blues on Edgeworth Street next to the Newbridge Bank Park near downtown Greensboro.

They began promoting the event using the big two social media sites out there right now  (Twitter and Facebook) and ran a contest to see who would be able to bring a group of friends to the tasting. The response was so big that they just decided to make it an open party to anyone that had heard about it through their social media promotion or word of mouth.

As we walked up the event, we were welcomed by a young woman who was taking down information about guests on an iPad. It was as quick and painless of a sign-in as I have seen at an event like this and didn’t require anything other than saying an e-mail address and your first name. We were handed a fancy slip of paper (below) and a pencil to write down which of the five beers was our favorite as well as comments about the individual beers.

I got there about 45 minutes late but was still able to try all five beer selections that they had from Thomas Creek Brewery in Greenville, SC. They had quite the variety including a Brown Ale, an India Pale Ale, a Pilsner, a Dopplebock and a Red Ale. Every single one of them was good but I think that the I.P.A. was the best. However, I found out the next day that it didn’t win. The Red Ale was crowned victorious. It was pretty damn good, too.

Outside of the beer, Bin 33 provided tapas so that everyone could get a small taste of the food to come. The chefs, Trey May and Robert Pearse, provided an awesome combination of marinated flank steak, goat cheese, spring mix and tapenade on top of a slice of baguette. They also had steamed mussels with chorizo, garlic, chilies, Albariño, cilantro, and grape tomatoes as well as a variety of fruit throughout the event. Check out the gallery below for some pictures of the event and food:

After we had our fill of the tapas, we walked out front and began talking to Remi, the girl who had taken our information down on the iPad, and got the lowdown on the restaurant. They are planning to open during the second weekend of July ’10 and it will be located in downtown Greensboro near the corner of S. Elm St and McGee St. (catty-corner of Natty Greene’s Brewing Co.).

Now…let me tell you the two coolest things that I have heard about this place.

First, their wine list will be interactive and on iPads. The iPad wine lists will be handed out like a typical wine list. This will allow you to get even more information about the wine you are about to drink including the vineyard, the grapes, foods it pairs well with, etc. Bin 33 went a step further and sent a video camera to each venue to make a small video about each wine.

Second, their name (Bin 33) came from the fact that they are installing individual, temperature controlled bins that hold two cases around the walls in the restaurant which members (individuals or companies) can purchase (typically at 25% over cost) and store wine. Each bin will cost $50 per month or can be purchased for the entire year for $500 up front. In addition to the temperature controlled bin and the discount on the wine, “Bin Members” will also receive additional perks:

  • Next in line seating at the restaurant
  • First right of refusal for wine trips, dinners, private room rentals, etc.
  • Home cellar management (which is fee based)
  • They can design an itinerary for a year long wine adventure that will take you through all different types of wines and regions with your purchases
  • If you are a professional firm, individual or wine group you have a personal wine list, and can purchase any wine available in NC.

Another cool tech thing is that you can buy your wine from Bin 33 at wholesale from home on the Interwebs and it will be in your bin when you come in the next time. I am not sure if you will be able to take the wine home with you or not but I am guessing that you can.

Bin 33’s GM, Trey May, got in touch with me after this post went live and let me know that they will be featuring guest chefs from around the world and as close as one of the great Lexington BBQ minds.

“Good food is good. It does not have to be fancy.” – Trey May

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  1. Vienna says:

    I think this is the best application I have heard of for the iPad. Such an awesome idea.

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  3. Charlie Brinson says:

    Agreed. I can't wait til it opens up in July to check it out.

  4. Tom Whitt says:

    Awesome! nice blog too!

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